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Our Services is a Business Development, Training & Coaching Agency specializing in federal government contracts. We have spent the last 10 years helping our private clients make millions and now we can help you!

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About Us & How It Works specializes in all business development, quick growth training and personal or group coaching services. We use multiple formats including audio, video, group training/coaching and one-on-one personalized training and coaching. is one of the most effective ways to grow any business quickly. The training and coaching encompasses anything from basic business coaching to advanced training on government and commercial contracts and proposal writing.

Group training is provided daily and personal training/coaching, bid proposal writing scheduled at your convenience. Regardless if you are a start-up or fortune 500 company, will find a way to increase your bottom line while cutting costs and diversifying your revenue stream.

Consultation & Business Analysis $1


How can we get financing?

GrowMyBusinessQuick will give you a list of qualified finance companies and teach you the different options that are right for your business.

How can we sell to the government?

We help you determine if you’re ready to sell to the government, then teach you the process and refer you to the right sources to get you registered, licensed, bonded, etc.

What if we win a contract we can’t fulfill?

We first try and determine a way for you to still fulfill the contract and if no solution is possible, we teach you the best way to decline with little or no recourse. CEO, Lead Trainer & Coach.

Partner Plans

Make us a partner in your annual business development from just 1% profit share!



  • We Get 10% plus $2,500
  • Yearly Training & Service
  • Unlimited Proposals



  • We Get 5% plus $5,000
  • Yearly Training & Service
  • Unlimited Proposals



  • We Get 1% plus $10,000
  • Yearly Training & Service
  • Unlimited Proposals

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